Monday, April 26, 2010


Peh is for…

Pesach: Pesach is the holiday that commemorates the exodus from Egypt. The first two nights (first night in Israel) focus around the retelling of the event during the seder, and the entire holiday is characterized by extra-strict regulations on kashrus (kosher laws) and chometz (levened bread), which cannot even be found anywhere inside Jewish property.

Pinteleh Yid: The pinteleh Yid is Yiddish, and refers to the smallest piece of a Jewish soul that remains connected to the Divine Source, no matter how far a person is removed from the path of Torah.

Peyos: Peyos are the sides of the head near the temple, where hair is left uncut (sometimes called “sidesurls”), and then styled in various ways, with various lengths, depending upon the religious group to which the wearer belongs.

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