Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Kuf is for…

Korban: Often translated into English as “sacrifice”, the root of the word korban means “near”, as the offering of a korban is meant to bring the person to introspection that will draw their desires and actions closer to their true essence, and thus closer to G-d.

Kiddushin: Kiddushin is the first of the two parts of a marriage ceremony. It takes place by the groom giving an object of value (today generally a ring) to the bride, and her accepting the item. Through this, the groom acquires the bride as set aside specifically for him.

Kaballah: The mystical teaching of Judaism meant to explain the details of the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds, kaballah is based on the intricacies of numerology, specific phrase and word usage, and underlying concepts of the text of the Torah.

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